The measurable objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop SMART-FLEX Optical Solar Reflectors having:
    1. Solar absorbance α ≤ 0.2;
    2. Emissivity in the hot state εhot ≥ 0.8;
    3. Emissivity in the cold state εcold< 0.4 (target 0.3);
    4. Transition temperature TMIT ≈ 20°C.
  • Deliver demonstrators of the technology on foils of minimum active area  80 mm x 80 mm, target active area 100 mm x 100 mm, patterned by Nano Imprint Lithography
  • Validate the demonstrators at TRL 5 through an extensive test campaign that includes 2 year GEO equivalent ageing with UV, electrons, and protons, thermal cycles, initial AIT tests, and functional tests in vacuum under variable thermal loads.